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Bad Luck Beer Mile

Tentative Date: Sat, August 17, 2024

Lace your shoes and ready your stomach because the annual crazy summer tradition has arrived: The Bad Luck Beer Mile

For those of you that don’t know, the beer mile is a prestigious run in which you are to drink one full beer every quarter mile. 4 beers. 4 laps.

This will be the most fun you’ll have sucking at something. Sign up, run it, get a silly & cheap homemade award, and likely snag a buzz too.

After the run we’ll be bar hopping all the local spots. Plan accordingly!

Meet at the local track at 8:45pm. Race starts at 9:00pm-ish!


1) BYOB! Four, 12oz cans, no bottles. Must be 5% or more. Seltzers, teas, wines and hard alcohol based drinks not allowed. There will be a drink check at the start.

2) You’re a bandit. You assume your own responsibility for everything.

3) No puke penalty! Aim for the trash can. If you purposefully aim for the track you’ll be DQ’d.

4) Bring a DD / friend if you think you’re leaving right after. If not you’ll be stuck with us for a few hours till you’re safe.

Teams of two people are allowed but only qualify for relay awards. Two, 12oz beers per person, in any run order.

Everyone gets a general one but there are silly ones for things like “First Out”, “Last Place”, “First to Puke”, “Slowest Chugger”, “Biggest Baby”, etc.


Beer Mile
  • Date : 17 August 2024
  • Time : 9:00 pm (America/Los_Angeles)
  • Venue : It's a secret, CA

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