Bad Luck Means
Good Times

Who We Are

Bad Luck Run Club is a collective community based run club that hosts social runs, epic races, and wild mile challenges! You’ll find most of our runs based in the Endurance Capital of the World: Auburn, California. Membership is free, high-fives and good vibes are mandatory. If you join us at a run or race, you’re part of the club.

new friends

Unlike other clubs, our focus is less on the “running”. We aim to make friends, get wild, and have fun. Running is just the hobby we have in common. No one is turned away based on speed, skill, or who you know. We’re here to make new friends and pressure you into running crazy things.

Join us! Spice up your regular run routine, hit the trails, and pound a beer.


Our regular unofficial fun mile races take place throughout the year. Not all events are will be listed here. As event dates are announced you can find details for each event on our Facebook Events or Instagram page.

Death Mile
April 2024

Only the strong survive our fated Death Mile. Conquer the grim reaper by consuming mystery foods and drinks each quarter mile. Good luck, you’ll need it.

Pumpkinhead Mile
October 2023

Envy the headless horseman? Well here’s your chance to wear a real carved pumpkin on your head and compete against others. Did we mention there’s costumes too?